The Birthday Present

twoWe have this weird thing about numbers in our family.  My birthday is February 22, which makes it 22/02 (or 02/22 for you North Americans).  Mark has the same birthday as me, so that would be 2-22-02, or 2×22-2.  We’re both Pisces, and the symbol is two fish headed in opposite directions.

I’m sure Robert Langdon, the symbologist hero from The Da Vinci Code would be able to make something of that.  But it doesn’t end there.  My oldest son’s birthday is 10/11.   And my daughter’s birthday is 5/6.

I married a man with the same birthday as me…and my daughter is in a relationship with a man whose birthday is the day before her’s.  4/6.  Today, to save you glancing at the corner of your screen.

Bring it on, Robert Langdon.

Pink GiftDavis, my daughter’s boyfriend, surprised Kate with an early birthday present this year:  a trip to San Diego for a week, so she could visit the world-famous zoo.  They left yesterday, and they’ll be in the States for both their birthdays.  This is Kate’s first time travelling outside Canada since she arrived as toddler in 1996.  I’m not sure if the idea of visiting the zoo had her more excited, or the travel itself.

We’re holding off the family birthday dinner so we can hear all about the trip when they get back.

Have you ever been given a gi-normous surprise gift like this one?  Arranged one for someone else?  How did it go over?  Did you shower the world with text messages dotted with exclamation marks!!!!!! (like Kate did), when you found out?  Get drunk?  What?


2 thoughts on “The Birthday Present”

  1. Hah. It was waaaaaay before the Internet, texting, computers, or all that other stuff. But as I recall, I called a couple people…on the land-line phone!

  2. It’s interesting how we reach out for people at times like this (and sad times). There’s always a sensation of “who can I tell, before I bust?”

    Anny, if it was a land line you used, then it’s been too long since you got surprised out of your skin. Just saying… 😉

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