Tulip Field in Netherlands Image credits: Allard Schager Tulips are not my favourite flowers.  I prefer old style roses and peonies.  They seem prettier to me. But I am a sucker for colour, so this image is mindblowing.  This entire field is made up of small flowers. It's a silent statement of the size of

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A New Skill Set to Make Life Interesting.

I love cracking open a new program and getting to know it.  Playing around with the buttons and menus and figuring out how to get the program to do what I want is enormous fun.  It scratches my curiousity bump and taps my creativity in completely different ways from story-telling. Most people I know can

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And Yet Another Deal This Week: 40% Off The THRILLING AFFAIR Boxed Set

It's my birthday/wedding anniversary week, so that's the excuse I'll use for dropping deals left, right and centre! Kobo are having a 40% off sale on a whole bunch of titles, including Thrilling Affair, which is my four novel boxed set of romantic thrillers. The boxed set is already a 40%+ discount on buying each book

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Birthaversary Celebration – Deals on All Boxed Sets and Collections.

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VISTARIA HAS FALLEN Is Free Today…But Only for Kobo Readers (Sort Of).

I'd like to tell you about a great promo, only it's very nearly invisible. Kobo are running one of their week-long promos in their newsletter -- only. Vistaria Has Fallen is part of the promo and is free for the length of the promo, which finishes on February 26th. However, to access the promo code, you

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What’s the Strangest Thing You’ve Ever Found Inside A Book?

Atlas Obscura recently posted about strange things found inside books. What's the strangest thing you've ever found? I have found other people's homework notes, letters and strange bookmarks.  Dead bugs.  Pressed flowers -- especially those I've pressed myself and forgotten about.  (And my, they bring back memories!) I think the strangest thing I've ever found

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Exclusive Contemporary Romance Boxed Set Now Available.

.   Aren't they fantastic covers? Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs rebuilt my two contemporary romance covers and gave them a fresh, gorgeous new update. While I was updating the covers, I also thought:  Why not put them into a boxed set? So I did.   Both contemporary romance novels by Tracy Cooper-Posey, boxed together

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Once and Future Hearts – New Arthurian Romance Series

I've been sitting on this for a few weeks now, because I wanted to tell my newsletter readers first. Now I can tell you. I have created a new historical romance series -- ancient British history, in this case.  Set at the end of the Dark Ages, which came after Rome deserted Britain and chaos

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Cool new King Arthur romances and Contemporary boxed set deal!

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HOSTAGE CRISIS released, but price goes up very soon.

Last Thursday, Hostage Crisis, officially hit the shelves.  It is book 3 of the Vistaria Has Fallen series.  The series is military romantic suspense, with a distinct Latin American flare, for it takes place on a fictional island nation, Vistaria, off the coast of Mexico.  So there's lots of Latino soldiers and heroes to be found in

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