All The Fun of a Coffee Shop Without the Calories

Like a lot of authors, I listen to music when I'm writing. It's a way of short-circuiting the internal editor, which has trouble shutting up. When writing first draft, I don't want my always-vigilant editor yammering at me about how I just inserted another Oxford comma, that the sentence I just wrote is passive and

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RIP Armadeus

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died at the age of 35, 222 years ago today, in 1791. His music remains a staple in the classics, and has such mathematical preciseness, it is used as music therapy, to encourage creativity and mental alertness. Simply playing Mozart softly in the background while you do anything creative will help bring

CATS is Thirty-One Today.

Cats, a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber opened on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theater in New York City, 1982.  Thirty-one years ago today. Wow. I was fortunate enough to see Cats at the Sydney Opera House a year or so later. It ran at the Opera House for over a year.  (Of course, I

The Next Phase of Ebook Reading – Multi-Function Devices

Okay, so I got an Android Tablet for Christmas (Asus Infinity, love you, Mark), and finally realized that while cellphone reading is sooooo convenient (it is!), there is something lovely about that full screen, with a laid-out page and actual images embedded where they're supposed to go. I never got the hang of hauling around

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