A movie filmed *entirely* on computer screens

A movie filmed *entirely* on computer screens Twenty years ago, the 2018 movie Searching couldn't have been even imagined, let alone filmed. We tripped over the movie recently and were intrigued enough by the trailer to rent it.  The trailer, by the way, doesn't hint about the true nature of the movie, unless you're really

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Canadian Military History on Armed Forces Day

Donnie Rosie Today is Armed Forces Day.  Canada's Armed Forces Day isn't a public holiday, although there are parades and fly-bys where there are military bases. There is not a lot of commonly-known history about the Canadian military, and as a new Canadian, I'm still catching up on it.  There is waaay more

What If You Met Yourself…and You Didn’t Like You?

Honestly, the only two reasons why we started watching Counterpart (CraveTV in Canada) is because JK Simmons is in the lead, and it was about spies.  We didn't know anything else about it, hadn't heard anything, seen reviews, nothing. Only, the show is not exactly about spies. And JK Simmons isn't in the lead.  He's both leads.

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