…and Science Fiction Romance is Back On the Table (Among Other Genres).

In the last few weeks I have been holding a discussion with my readers via the newsletter, about what they want to read. The discussion was sparked by Street Team members telling me I was wrong to stop writing Science Fiction Romance. That gave me pause, because my Street Team are a microcosm of my

New Romantic Suspense Covers.

Romantic Suspense is such a great genre -- the high stakes fuels high emotions and everything sizzles, including the hero and heroine, because truth is stripped bare by the desparate circumstances. I love writing the stuff. The Romantic Thriller Collection, which I published a few years ago now, has had a mini-update.  I've changed the

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DEAD AGAIN – Romantic Thriller – Free Until Sunday

Please take note of the date of this post! If you’re reading this somewhere in the future, the book is probably no longer available for free and I don’t want you to be disappointed. Check the date line! :) _____________ Dead Again, the lead book in the big Romantic Thrillers collection, is free to download