Mash – September 8, 2014

A round-up of sites, links and other interesting tidbits I’ve seen and heard lately. DIY Christmas Decorations Click to jump to the page. You have around two months, if you like the home-crafted touch, to make your own decorations for this year. There’s some great ideas here! ___ 21 Most Prolific Writers in Literary History Click

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Mash – September 8, 2014

A round-up of sites, links and other interesting tidbits I’ve seen and heard lately. Smashwords 2014 Survey Link The annual Smashwords survey is always greeted with some interest around the publishing world, but as a reader, you might also find this year’s interesting as Mark Coker tries to predict the shape of reading for the

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I’m (Back) at Kobo

Since I started indie publishing, I have been distributing my books through Kobo.  I was using Smashword's distribution service to do this, which felt vaguely silly:  Here I was sitting in Canada, right next door to Kobo, but I had to send my books via a US distributor to get them onto the digital shelves

Working Notes – Backstage Pass

Last time around, for working notes, I had skipped over two books, and had to back track. This time, I don’t have a book to talk about at all, because of another phenomenon of the indie publishing industry:  doing it yourself means actually doing it all yourself.  Everything.  The formatting, uploading, releasing, technical un-hitching, acquiring

I’m at Manic Readers, Giving Away BLOOD KNOT.

Stop #6 of the Bannockburn Binding book tour. Did you even know there was a blog at Manic Readers?  I only found it weeks after I'd been visiting the site and checking out the reviews and stuff  :)  Anyway, I'm there today, and wondering aloud about how much people might be willing to pay for

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I just released Lucifer's Lover on All Romance eBooks, and on Amazon, and over the next few days will be formatting and uploading to the other distributors -- Smashwords, Createspace (print).  So it's official, Lucifer's Lover is published. This may come as a surprise to you because I didn't really given anyone a heads up

Happy Holiday Reading – A Gift For You!

As a Christmas gift to my readers, I'm deeply discounting my two indie titles between now and Christmas Day. By using the two coupon codes listed below, you can get 50% off and pay only $1.50 for each title at Smashwords, but only for the next three days, so hurry! Blood Knot, my erotic MMF

A Toolkit And Compass for Romanceland – Part 1

A Toolkit And Compass for Romanceland Because All The Roads Are Being Re-Built (Maybe) Romanceland Meltdown This is Part 1 of a series: Part 1: Romanceland Meltdown Part 2: Finding Books - Part 1 Part 3: Finding Books - Part 2 Part 4: Assessing Books Part 5: Contributing To Word-of-Mouth (Series based upon a guest

Ease Yourself Into MMF Romances – Part IV

Ease Yourself Into MMF Romances – Part IV Where To Find Your MMF Romances This is Part Four of a Series Part 1: Ménages Categorized Part 2: How can MMF be romantic? Part 3: How To Read Your First MMF Romance Part 4: Where To Find Your MMF Romances Part 5: Narrow Down Your List

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