I just released Lucifer’s Lover on All Romance eBooks, and on Amazon, and over the next few days will be formatting and uploading to the other distributors — Smashwords, Createspace (print).  So it’s official, Lucifer’s Lover is published.

This may come as a surprise to you because I didn’t really given anyone a heads up about this one.  It’s one of my Author Edition titles, which I’m not releasing with as much fanfare as I would a brand new title, like Bannockburn Binding, as they’ve already been published elsewhere.

But neither are these Author Editions simply regurgitated re-releases with new covers.  I’m reworking all of them and adding additional features.  The Royal Talisman, for instance, became its own stand-alone title by the time I’d finished with it, and it used to be only a novella, when it was first released.

Ditto with Lucifer’s Lover, although I didn’t extend the story nearly as much as I did with Talisman.  Lucifer’s Lover was already very long, so I tightened up and cleaned up as much as I added…I’ve learned a thing or two since the book was first published back in 2006.

The nicest thing about this second edition of Lucifer’s Lover is the cover, which is just amazing.  Dar Albert does it again.  If you have a small monitor, or have this window crunched down, then double-click on the image to the left so you can see it at full size.  It’s really something else.  There’s a whole history about the cover that I explain in the book, too.

You can pick up Lucifer’s Lover in all the popular formats at All Romance eBooks, and in the next twelve to twenty-four hours, the page will build itself at Amazon, too.


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