Mash – October 21, 2016

  The wide-ranging sprawl of eclectic subject matter in today's links should convince you I have the attention span of a gnat--wait, what is that shiny thing over there....? Amazing Painted Plywood Subfloor. Link I've heard of people painting their subfloors before.  Most attempts to do so that I've seen are pretty basic.  Coats of

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Mash – August 19, 2016

Holy Toledo, Batman!  It's been a very long while since I did one of these! This Fitness Program Will Change Your Life (We’ll Tell You How) Link. BodyRock seems like a good site. One thing they do exceptionally well is inspire you to get up off your ass. The photos and imagery are amazing. I

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Mash – December 23, 2015

The last mash of the year. It's been a while, so there's a lot to draw your attention to. 40+ Homemade Lotion Recipes {The Ultimate Collection} Link. Good for last minute Christmas gifts, and also good for you. ______ Promoting Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Written by Women Link. This is technically a site for

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Month’s Mash – May 16th, 2015

Surreal Star Wars Photos (yes, photos!) Thomas Dagg Photography Link Imperial Walker in your backyard, anyone? You have to see these to believe them! ___ 8 Design Projects done in less than a minute each Link Some really neat ideas, like table stands out of magazines, book ends out of boxes….   ___ How to

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April Mash

I’ve been boring – not a lot of surfing this month, except for utilitarian sites for indie authors (ePubCheck, anyone?). But there were a few buried in my bookmarks worth passing on. ______________ Indie Bound link. This is a different sort of on-line bookstore, one that I tripped over only recently. They support local, independent

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Month’s Mash – February, 2015

Strange Things You Learn When You Don’t Wear A Bra For A Week Link Couldn't resist the title, and the article itself is an interesting read. The negative image talk we women put ourselves through is just astounding…. ___ Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think Link The title pretty much

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Month’s Mash – January 2015

It’s been a very interesting month! Tarotlore If you don’t have your own pack with you, head over to Tarotlore to lay a quick spread – and the cards are clickable so you get instant translations, too. Absorbing playtime…. . ________ Watch Every On-Screen Death in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, in under

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Monthly Mash – December

I repeat: I cannot believe it’s December already…. Top 10 Ways to Recover After Gluten Exposure As this month is the classic month of over-indulgence, and eating what you shouldn’t (or can’t, in some cases), you might find this a useful guide at some stage. ___ Twilight, the Abridged Script Link I really liked

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Mash – September 8, 2014

A round-up of sites, links and other interesting tidbits I’ve seen and heard lately. DIY Christmas Decorations Click to jump to the page. You have around two months, if you like the home-crafted touch, to make your own decorations for this year. There’s some great ideas here! ___ 21 Most Prolific Writers in Literary History Click

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Mash – September 8, 2014

A round-up of sites, links and other interesting tidbits I’ve seen and heard lately. Smashwords 2014 Survey Link The annual Smashwords survey is always greeted with some interest around the publishing world, but as a reader, you might also find this year’s interesting as Mark Coker tries to predict the shape of reading for the

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