LUCIFER out in print, TALISMAN at B&N

Quick update. My contemporary romance, Lucifer’s Lover, just hit print.  It looks gorgeous!  Especially with that cover.  And it’s a long novel, so it’s a pretty hefty tome, too.  You can pick up a copy directly from Createspace right now, or wait a few days for the print page to populate over at Amazon. And […]

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Working Notes – Backstage Pass

Last time around, for working notes, I had skipped over two books, and had to back track. This time, I don’t have a book to talk about at all, because of another phenomenon of the indie publishing industry:  doing it yourself means actually doing it all yourself.  Everything.  The formatting, uploading, releasing, technical un-hitching, acquiring

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I just released Lucifer’s Lover on All Romance eBooks, and on Amazon, and over the next few days will be formatting and uploading to the other distributors — Smashwords, Createspace (print).  So it’s official, Lucifer’s Lover is published. This may come as a surprise to you because I didn’t really given anyone a heads up

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