I Do Not Believe It!

I Do Not Believe It! What don't I believe?  Well, I don't believe it snowed here this morning!  It's nearly June, for heaven's sake! And yep, we had snow. It didn't stick around, as the temperature is above zero (just), but it was cold enough that I reluctantly pulled out socks and put them on.

A Heroine’s Journey

A Heroine's Journey There's something satisfying about a story that ends up back where it started, and you get to see how everything has actually changed as a result of the story itself. One of my favourite parts of Lord of the Rings is when all the hobbits return to the Shire. I love seeing how different

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series About to Start Filming

Amazon's Lord of the Rings Series About to Start Filming IO9 recently reported that Amazon has hired a director to make the first two episodes of their big-budget Lord of the Rings series. At this point in time, that's about all that has been confirmed.  Rumours are elusive and contradictory.  I've heard that the series

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The Meaning of Traditions—to you.

The Meaning of Traditions—to you. When most people think of "traditions", they're thinking of society-wide customs and habits that become ingrained over years and generations. The holiday season is a good example, for it is stuffed full of traditions. But traditions can be more personal and often, far more significant. For instance, a personal tradition

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Big Enough to Prop a Door Open!

I write a lot of sexy books. You may have noticed. 2013 was one of my peaks of productivity for books. I wrote and released nearly two dozen of them. And nearly every single one of them was an erotic romance. One can get awfully sick of describing sex after so many books, although I

What I’m Reading – A Very Nice Surprise

I usually have a dozen books on the go, flipping between fiction and non-fiction and yet more non-fiction on other readers. In the last week that has come to a grinding halt, surprising the crap out of mildly-OCD me. What happened? Two things. Number one I bought a Brian Tracy book on Amazon, who offered

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