Kudos to Thorin (At Last!)

ThorinI finally got to see the last installment in The Hobbit trilogy. Man, oh man!

I would like to say that I’m officially a fan of Thorin Oakenshield. You might remember I’ve been creeping up on Thorin for a couple of years now.

But the ending of the movie completely threw me.

It’s been thirty years since I read The Hobbit – it just didn’t become one of my annual books because it was written for kids, and so terribly English in grammar and syntax that I didn’t find myself wanting to read it over and over the way I did The Lord of the Rings. Because I haven’t read the book for a while, I didn’t remember all the details of the ending. I do remember what happened to Thorin (trying madly to avoid spoilers!), and that Bilbo had a cold at the end, but I only remember those because they’re both referred to in The Lord of the Rings.

I got a (hardcover) copy of The Hobbit for Christmas, so I’m slowly working my way through it. Unfortunately, I don’t find reading paper editions very enticing these days, so it usually sits on my bedside table, until I remember to take my reading glasses to bed with me. That doesn’t happen very often!

So the ending in the movie did surprise me – well, not Thorin. But the resolution to Kili’s story was a shocker.

Thorin was…well, he was, of course, majestic. But it was a great story end. Even though I knew what was coming, it was done beautifully!


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  1. you said you’re having trouble sticking with the hard copy, I think I saw that Barnes and Noble has an e-copy if you’re interested. Just a thought…

    1. I really should pick up the ebook. I haven’t got much further with the print edition than I was when I wrote this. Thanks for the heads up, Moira.

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