It’s Tolkien Week

Trevor Cole

It is Tolkien week, this week. September 22nd is Frodo and Bilbo Baggins’ shared birthdays. I’ve always been personally pleased that the 22nd is marked in this way, because Mark and I both have our birthdays on the twenty-second, too. February 22nd, but the date does tend to jump out at me.

I don’t usually mark the actual week itself, because I do a big run-through of the movies around Christmas time. It’s a family tradition, now.  Although, I really should be more cognizant of this week, because the actual date of Bilbo’s and Frodo’s birthdays is only mentioned in the book, and not in the movies. So perhaps talking week can be purely about the novel.

When was the last time you read any part of Lord Of The Rings? Do you have a favourite section? I won’t ask you what your least favourite section is, because I think we all agree which one that is!

While I don’t suggest you spend the entire week reading the entire novel (although you can if you want!), perhaps pick out your favourite section, or section you don’t read very often – like the appendices — and determine to read through them this week.

I have been watching the movies for so long, that last year I deliberately read the book. I must admit it is a very different experience. There are a whole swathes of character histories and background stories that I had completely forgotten about. I had also forgotten how much poetry is dumped into the middle of scenes.

The sheer detail in the book cannot be matched, not even by Peter Jackson, who did spectacularly well getting as much detail into the movies as he did.

For that reason, I am wary about the new series that is being produced right now by Amazon. I dread them ruining the story, the way the three previous attempts to film the movie did before Peter Jackson came along.

Anyway, enjoy your reading!



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