May the Fourth Be With You…

Every year I write about May the Fourth, and every year, it seems, I explain why I cannot ignore the day.  So this year, I won't.  :) Instead, I'm bringing forward the most interesting post from previous years. You can also find other May the Fourth posts here and here.  Have an interstellar day! t.

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Why I Decided To Become A Novelist

This post was published five years ago today.  Five years!!  I've been keeping a blog for a long time.  There are posts going back even further than this one, but I thought this one would bear repeating, for newer readers to discover. --t. I think the reason why I write fiction is pretty much out there

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May the Fourth Be With You.

There is no possible way I can let this day go past without a salute of some kind.  Star Wars is the reason I'm writing (The full story is here and also here, if you've never heard it before).  Also, as I mentioned in my earlier post today, May 4th became THE day to get

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Pulse Pause Moments – Han Solo

Pulse Pause Moments - Han Solo I don't think it's any sort of secret at all that I was kick-started into writing fiction by the original Star Wars movies, and romance was a lock-in after Han Solo's "I know".  I've written that story in a few places, including here. It would be fair to say

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Mash – July 7, 2014

A round-up of sites, links and other interesting tidbits I’ve seen and heard lately. Indie Authors Quitting Their Day Jobs This is a wildly inspirational post for any indie author, anywhere. If you're not an author, it's still fascinating reading -- right up there with the posts. If you thought indie publishing was

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