Two More Kickstarers Worth Checking Out

What the Ravens Sing

This one immediately caught my eye because of the historical setting — pre WWI, up to the end of WWI.

Count me in!

On top of that, it’s a fantasy story.  🙂

The author, Jacquelyn Benson, is looking for funding to create the last audiobook in the series.  If audiobooks is not your thing (it isn’t mine), you can still pick up the books and hardcovers in the different tiers. 

Worth a look if you like historical fantasy.

Faerie Hearts Collection by Anthea Sharp

More fantasy — more firmly entrenched in Romanceland this time.  Anthea Sharp’s fantasy series is offered as a single omnibus deluxe edition (and you should see the illustrations!). 

Check this one out here:

My own Kickstarter is only a few days away from closing.  And it’s also creeping up toward the second stretch goal (the first stretch goal — a pair of boxed sets — is locked in). 

The fourth book of the Scandalous Scions — The Victorians, His Outrageous Proposal — is only available via the Kickstarter project.  It won’t be available on retail stores until June. 

And if you’re not familiar with the series at all, you can pick up one of the books for free to check out the series for yourself, before backing the project. 

Once the Kickstarter campaign closes on the 28th, these prices and bundles will no longer be available anywhere. 

Check it out here:


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