I need 30 or so readers…

My Kickstarter project, “The Great Family — Tracy Cooper-Posey’s Victorian Romance Mega-Series” ends at midnight tomorrow.  If thirty or so readers back the campaign, even at the lowest level, that will kick itup to the next stretch goal, and everyone will receive another boxed set stretch goal reward.

This is also the last chance you have to get a copy of the new book 4 in the Scandalous Family — the Victorians series, His Outrageous Proposal..  Once the Kickstarter project closes, you won’t be able to obtain the book until it releases on the retail stores in June.

The campaign has funded, which means you’re guaranteed to get the goodies and bonuses, and it has also reached the first stretch goal (as I write this) — which also means you get two additional boxed sets, no matter which tier you choose.

Also, I should point out something important.

A reader contacted me, very confused about Kickstarter, and a bit concerned about how much it cost.  After a few rounds of emails, I tumbled to the fact that she thought the tiers listed on the Kickstarter project were monthly payments. 

And yeah, paying that much a month would be horrendously expense.  Even I wouldn’t pay that!!

But Kickstarter is not like Patreon.  It is a one time only deal.  The prices listed on the tiers are one-time payments.  At the end of the project, if there are enough backers saying they will pay whatever tier they’ve chosen and the sum of their promises is more than the project’s goal, then the project is funded and everyone gets the bonuses and goodies for their tier, plus any stretch goal rewards. 

The funding goal set by the project creator is usually set at a level that will pay for any expenses needed to provide the rewards, plus a bit of a profit. 

That’s why Kickstarter is such a great place to pick up books cheaper than you’ll ever find them on retail sites.  And I *love* the stretch goal rewards.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I recently backed a Kickstarter for about $50 USD and ended up with $1,200 in stretch goal rewards, along with a dozen books…and that was quite beside the five book bundle that I was really interested in.

I just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that Kickstarter is not like Patreon and that these are one time payments.

Here’s the blurb for Hit Outrageous Proposal:

Alice loves her family, but longs for independence…

Lady Alice Thomasina Balfour is the acknowledged daughter of Dane, Duke of Wakefield, but her real father is Benjamin Hedley, her mother’s secret and lifelong partner. Her third father is Stephen Spearing, Esq., who is Dane’s secret partner. Alice is torn between her beloved family and their expectations and her need for the independence young, modern women are beginning to enjoy, which she believes she can have if she opens her own shop. She needs funds to do so, but as a woman, cannot take a loan with any bank. Her family for once, are not supportive.

Garrick Lawrence Wortham is not a peer, but thanks to his family’s fortune and upper-class status, he is expected to marry into the peerage and solidify the family’s reputation. After refusing yet another debutante, Garrick feels obliged to bow to his father’s wishes to fund and manage a new, shocking project; the opening of a retail establishment by the daughter of the Duke of Wakefield, a peer whose family have fallen into disgrace and social ruin. But managing the wilful woman’s new business venture is more taxing than he expected. It doesn’t help that the lovely Lady Alice is prickly, defensive and hiding secrets that, as he learns more, brings him to make an outrageous proposal…

Have a look at the fabulous images of Alice and Garrick here

Tell your friends about the Kickstarter, to help nudge it to the next stretch goal, so everyone can get more bonuses.


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