BLOOD KNOT Nominated Best Erotic Paranormal Romance 2011

My erotic urban fantasy MMF romance, Blood Knot, has been nominated for vampire book of the year by the reviewers at The Romance Reviews.

Now the voting begins.  Yes, I’m trawling for votes — as this is a “book of the year” vote rather than a book of the week, or weekend or month, or whatever.  Those ones I gave up asking for a while ago.  There’s just too many of them.  But for this one….pleeeeaaaase?  It’d look so pretty on my resume.  🙂

Actually, joking aside, this is a very nice tip of the hat toward Blood Knot, because it’s an indie-published title.  Even getting the nomination at all is a massive acknowledgement for me and indie authors in general.

To vote, you will be asked to register, but you can get around that by signing in with your Facebook profile.  Scroll down the the erotic vampire category, and Blood Knot is the second from the top.  Click here to vote …with my thanks!


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