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VISTARIA HAS FALLEN Free on Kobo for the Next Six Days Only.

If you've been humming and hawing about giving the Vistaria Has Fallen series a try, now you have no reason to dither. For the next six days [until the end of March 25, 2018], the first book in the series, also called Vistaria Has Fallen, is free to download via Kobo's Free Ebooks page.  It's listed

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Now out in print!  Super hot Romantic Suspense.

As a rule, I prefer to do a general, normal post in between posts about my books, but lately, there's just been way too much news to share. So, another announcement, today. Ningaloo Nights is a novella length romantic suspense set in Ningaloo, Western Australia. Generally, only Australians and travellers who have been to parts

CASUALTIES OF WAR Cover Reveal (woah!) and pre-order out now.

The Vistaria Has Fallen series is now into the "new" stuff.  Book 5 is new, freshly written and just made for the new version of the series. As I wrote in the author note for Amazon, I don't think I would have written this story anywhere near like it turned out, if I was still

What If You Met Yourself…and You Didn’t Like You?

Honestly, the only two reasons why we started watching Counterpart (CraveTV in Canada) is because JK Simmons is in the lead, and it was about spies.  We didn't know anything else about it, hadn't heard anything, seen reviews, nothing. Only, the show is not exactly about spies. And JK Simmons isn't in the lead.  He's both leads.

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Book 6 of the Scandalous Scions series now available for pre-order on Amazon, too.

When Elizabeth Gilbert had to sit down and write the next book after Eat, Pray, Love, (which is, <gasp> ten years old this year), she knew she would never top the success of the previous mega-best-selling title. But she's a writer.  So she wrote another book. While I can't claim to have had the same huge

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Coming to a scene near you, very soon.

Image credits: Adas Meliauskas   Depending on where you are in the world, we're coming into Cherry Blossom season in a few weeks, which is generally around April in the northern hemisphere, but earlier in warmer climates. Cherry blossoms are associated strongly with Japan, but the trees grow everywhere.  This astonishing cherry blossom canopy (above)

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FARING SOUL Free on Kobo for the Next 6 Days Only.

Kobo are offering Faring Soul, the award winning first book of the science fiction romance series, Interspace Origins, free on their site only for the next week. This is the perfect opportunity to test run a new series -- especially if you've wanted to try science fiction romance. SFR Galaxy Award 2015 Winner Rumors emerge that

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New Historical Victorian Romance now out!

Law of Attraction, the fifth book in the Scandalous Scions series was released last Thursday in print and ebook. I'm having so much fun with this series!  Most of the fun is in the research, for which I geek out. But there's also fun writing it and putting people through hell and back! Here's a few juicy

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You Can’t Judge By the Book’s Cover Anymore — here’s why.

Blood Knot was the very first book I indie published, on March 11, 2011, which is very nearly exactly seven years ago. Seven years isn't a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, but the indie publishing world has evolved and re-invented itself a dozen times since then. The cover I had for