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Mystery & Thriller Shorts

Today's giveaway features short, hot mysteries, thrillers and suspense. The novellas, novelettes and short stories may have some spicy content, but the covers are all PG, so if you cruise through at work, you're okay. ;) My story in the collection is Delly's Last Night, a short, sexy award nominee. There are 142 other titles to

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Vampire Lovin’ – Discounted Romances.

Vampire Lovin' - Discounted Romances. Seventeen vampire paranormal romances, from authors such as Kate Bonham, Mary Abshire, Kellie McAllen, Tia Didmon, R.L. Kenderson, Julie Anne Addicott, Anna Applegate, Georgia Carter Mathers, Adom Sample, Nikki Landis, Zara Zenia, Keira Blackwood, Valerie Twombly and D.D. Miers, on sale until the end of the month. Oh, and one

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Targets Locked – The Military SF Bundle

Targets Locked - The Military SF Bundle Curated by Kevin J. Anderson I'm so thrilled to be a part of this! Aliens are invading. The human race is in danger. The galaxy is facing countless threats. It's time to call out the troops, send in the space marines, muster the galactic fleet. And you get

Fool. I’ll always come back…

I haven't made it very secret that my favourite heroes are Brody and Veris. That might leave you with the impression that I don't care for any of the other heroes I've created, which isn't true at all. But I did overlook one of them and took him for granted for a very long time. Lemme explain

Fantasy Sales Promo

This is not a giveaway of free books, but don't click away too fast -- there are some great books in this promo, and many of them are deeply discounted, including my own very long book, The Branded Rose Prophecy, which is on for 50% off. Sale ends May 8th. Jump to the Fantasy Sales Promo on BookFunnel Cheers,

Today is Anzac Day

North Beach, Gallipoli Peninsular; Turkey. The point at which Australian Troops first landed at Gallipoli and traditionally the focus for Australian Dawn services. It must be because I grew up hearing the stories about what Australian and New Zealand troops achieved (and died achieving) during the First and Second World Wars, that Anzac

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Admins Unite!

  Throughout the years I was working a day job while writing on the side, I was always an admin assistant.  When I first started working, straight out of high school, I was a "female clerk".  (Oh, how times have changed!) So, as I do every couple of years or so, I'm pausing to acknowledge

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