Sometimes, internal industry shenanigans spill out to where the public can see it.  This is one of those times. Recently, an author registered and trademarked the word “cocky”. Then she contacted every author who had the word “cocky” in their book titles or subtitles or on the cover anywhere and threatened them with legal action […]

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No More Classics?

For those of you who like to tap the vast public domain resources of Project Gutenberg, this item from their latest newsletter may be of interest. __ The Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP is a secretive effort of nations to agree on a variety of social and economic mechanisms to facilitate commerce. The TPP negotiations were

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Additional Books Off the Shelf For Now

A quick follow-up to my announcement the other day about book title rights that have been returned to me, and therefore won’t be available for sale — just for a short while! — while I repackage and beef them up and put them back out there. Several other books have been returned to me and

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