Giveaway Hop Winner

The winner of the copy of Bannockburn Binding - drawn by random number generator -- was Ashley.  Congratulations!  She received a PDF copy of the book. Thank you to everyone who entered.  It was fun chatting with some of you. There's still a chance to win more goodies and prizes as the birthday party celebrations

Working Notes – The Book That Wouldn’t Be Short

It's only now I've recalled a pithy little line I included in the special features for The Royal Talisman: "I have also been accused of an inability to write anything short to save my life." Good thing a hanging didn't depend on the turn of that phrase.  Because I blithely included in the description for

BANNOCKBURN BINDING Now Available at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Apple.

My MMF futuristic paranormal time travel romance, Bannockburn Binding, has just popped up on the Barnes and Noble site this morning.  Alas, without a blurb, story descriptor, category or anything to tell you what it is other than it's mine. I thought that, if it had popped up finally on Barnes and Noble, it might

I’m at Fang-tastic Books Today

Stop #5 of the Bannockburn Binding book tour. I'm visiting Fang-Tastic Books, and yes, I'm talking about the undead again.  Given the blog's raison d'être *is* the fanged ones, it seemed only appropriate to use them as my subject again.  The topic this time?  "Don’t Like Apple?  Switch to DOS and Become a Vampire."  Obscure, huh? :)  

I’m at Vampire Romances today – win a copy of BLOOD KNOT

Stop #4 of the Bannockburn Binding book tour.   Today I'm at Vampire Romance Books where I'm spilling my guts about what terrible pilots vampires make, in "Vampires...Natural Space Travellers?" Swing by for an excerpt that hasn't been seen anywhere else, and drop a line saying hello. I'm giving away a copy of Blood Knot today,

I’m at Romancing the Darkside…AND I’ve Updated My Links.

Stop #3 of the Bannockburn Binding book tour.  Romancing the Darkside are hosting me today. Swing by for an excerpt that hasn't been seen anywhere else, and drop a line saying hello. I'm giving away a copy of Blood Knot today, too! ____________ Also, a brief housekeeping note, because I'm so squeezed for posts over

Working Notes – December 26, 2011

My best wishes to everyone who celebrated Christmas Day yesterday, and for everyone who got the day off from work, I hope you made the best of it. Of course, I’m writing this somewhere in the past, so I’m not sure yet if I made a very good day of it or not, but I


It's out! It's out! IT'S OUT!!! Bannockburn Binding just hit the Amazon shelves.  Here. It'll take a few days for me to get the other formats into shape and up onto the other platforms, and for them to process the files (Smashwords, etc, are much slower than Amazon), but Amazon is out!)

New Cover for My Erotic MMF Urban Fantasy Time Travel Romance, BANNOCKBURN BINDING

Time is theirs to keep. But it comes with a price. Out any day now. (Just as soon as I get the book formatted, basically.) What do you think? Book's page. In the early 23rd Century, vampires learned how to travel back in time, and created a time-tsunami that threated life as we know it,

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