I’m at Vampire Romance Books, and at Night Owl Romances Today

It's out! It's out!  Blood Stone is out today!!  I'll be doing more posts and maybe an impromptu on-the-spot contest or two, who know!  I'm home all day today... Anyway, I'm also guesting at Rhonda's place, today - Vampire Romance Books, and at Night Owl Romances, and I'm giving away books there, too. I can

I’m at Vampire Romance Books today, talking about Indie Authors

In the swirling whirliegig that is publishing, these days, indie authors and indie publishing is the newly-emerging cottage industry...or is it the way of things to come? I get to wrap up Indie Author month at Vampire Romance Books with an overview of Indie Publishing today. Have your say. After all, indie publishing is an

I’m at Vampire Romances today – win a copy of BLOOD KNOT

Stop #4 of the Bannockburn Binding book tour.   Today I'm at Vampire Romance Books where I'm spilling my guts about what terrible pilots vampires make, in "Vampires...Natural Space Travellers?" Swing by for an excerpt that hasn't been seen anywhere else, and drop a line saying hello. I'm giving away a copy of Blood Knot today,

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