Tulip Field in Netherlands

Image credits: Allard Schager

Tulips are not my favourite flowers.  I prefer old style roses and peonies.  They seem prettier to me.

But I am a sucker for colour, so this image is mindblowing.  This entire field is made up of small flowers.

It’s a silent statement of the size of the tulip industry in the Netherlands, isn’t it?  I remember as a child hearing about tulips from Holland (as we called it, then).  I was more fascinated by the idea of dikes and windmills holding back the sea, as I lived next to the sea and couldn’t believe a little windmill had the power to hold an ocean back.

Can you imagine a story scene taking place in the middle of this field?

Actually…you know what?  I’ve already written a story scene taking place in something very close to this!

In Faring Soul, the hero and heroine have to fight off the Federation, right in the middle of a field of manolillies.  Lord, I completely forgot about the scene until just now.

Here’s the excerpt:


Catherine stayed on the flight deck long enough to establish that there were no Federation ships for as far as their sensors could reach, which was a lot farther out than the ship’s original specs listed. Then she called Brant and Lilly to the common room.

Brant was the first to arrive.

“Drusiss in two hours,” Catherine told him. “I thought it was time to let you in on the need-to-know stuff.”

Brant’s smile was touched with cynicism. “I didn’t think we were here for the manolillies.”

Manolillies were Drusiss’ major export and the card that had dealt them into the Federation. The flowers were sensitive to pheromones and would change color to match the nearest person.

“I adore manolillies,” Lilly said, coming into the room. “Growing up, I thought I had been named after them. What color do they turn for you?”

Catherine grimaced. “A dreadful puce green that reminds me of vomit.”

Brant grinned.

“They say you can make them change the color they display for you,” Lilly said. “If you eat acid-based foods, they do. I’ve seen it.”

“I think I’m acid enough, thanks,” Catherine said dryly. “Sit down, both of you.”

I’ll cut it there, because the fight scene lays down major spoilers.

But aren’t those tulips something, huh?


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4 thoughts on “Just…Wow.”

  1. I used to live in Germany many years ago & we used to go to Holland quite a lot. The tulips were always growing in their millions & looked so much healthier, than than they do here.
    Might just be my imagination.

  2. Holly Gresham

    My son and daughter-in-law live in Amsterdam and last year during the Tulip Festival they sent me some of the most beautiful pictures of the tulips in the fields, in window boxes, in stores, just everywhere. I couldn’t wait to be over there this year during the festival, but health issues reared their ugly heads. So I’ll go over during the holidays this year and the Tulip Festival next year.

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