Working Notes – October 24, 2012: Snippit to Tease You

Kate’s body tightened again at the idea that he had spared her a moment’s attention, and she frowned at her own vapidness.  “Sudden business trip?” she asked, keeping her tone as light and uninterested as she could manage.

“Something like that.”  Adrian’s tone matched hers.  Then it shifted and became deeper.  Sexier.  “I hope you didn’t stay lonely while I’ve been gone?”

Kate couldn’t help the tiny little in-drawn breath.  But it was infinitesimal, and Adrian shouldn’t have been able to hear it.

“You didn’t,” he breathed.  Kate could hear approval and arousal in those two words, and her body tingled in response.  “Who was the lucky guy?” Adrian asked.

“None of your business,” she shot back.

He gave an almost silent laugh.  “He can’t be very good if you were still awake at three a.m.  Ask for your money back, Kate.”

“You’re being figurative, I hope.  Or should I just lay hundred-dollar bills on the mattress when I want to have sex with you?”

His eyes seemed to grow darker.  His gaze seemed to sear past all her internal shields and see her.

She held her breath, realizing what door she had just opened up.

His voice pierced her just as his gaze did.  It thrummed deep in her chest.  “You’d need more money than you could raise to pay for a night with me, Kate Lindenstream,” he told her.


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