Bloomin’ Deals You Don’t Want to Miss!

I’m growing things!

We’re desperately trying to conserve cash at the moment, but now is the time to get going in the garden (for us northerners. If you’ve already got flowers blooming, farther south, enjoy!).

So I have been trying to figure out how to bootstrap a kitchen garden from nothing. I have two old, almost full bags of potting mix in the garage, and a half-dozen packets of seeds, all of them herbs except for a packet of Aster seeds.

I sowed the seeds in soil in an egg carton, and in just a couple of days, I have thyme already coming up:

There’s a few basil plants sprouting, too.

I’m also trying to propagate veggies from the produce we buy at the supermarket. This one is really interesting. I checked with the Great Google, and I’m trying to grow celery from, well, celery:

The bottom of the celery is suspended in a solution of plant food, being held up by the toothpicks, so that the roots can emerge underneath.  At 12 o’clock in the picture and about a third of the way down from the top of the frame, you can just see the tip of a sprout emerging.  It showed up this morning when I got up.

When the sprout is a seedling, with a few branches, I’ll plant it in a container of soil.  I have two of these.

I’ll tell you about the rest of the propagation experiments later.  I’ve already been rambling for too long!

I have a deal for you!

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