Bloomin’ Deals You Don’t Want to Miss!

Bloomin' Deals You Don't Want to Miss! I'm growing things! We're desperately trying to conserve cash at the moment, but now is the time to get going in the garden (for us northerners. If you've already got flowers blooming, farther south, enjoy!). So I have been trying to figure out how to bootstrap a kitchen

Hot Latin Heroes, High Tension Storytelling.

Hot Latin Heroes, High Tension Storytelling Jimmy Smits. Remember him? Yeah, me, too. And what has that to do with anything, you ask? Oh, lots… I grew up without a TV, so when I was a young adult, I pigged out on TV, catching up on TV series I hadn’t seen, but had heard all

Hot Latin Warrior Heroes in Uniform…what’s not to love?

Hot Latin Warrior Heroes in Uniform...what's not to love? We seem to be in a romantic suspense season right now.  It's everywhere! I really can't believe the Vistaria Has Fallen series ended more than a year ago, but there you go.  It's been a year. So...a little snippet from one of the books in the upcoming

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Two Romantic Suspense First-in-Series Deep Discounts.

Two Romantic Suspense First-in-Series Deep Discounts. The two titles, above, are both the first in their series: Vistaria Has Fallen, Book 1, the Vistaria Has Fallen series. Military romantic thriller. Hunting the Kobra, Book 1, Project Kobra Romantic Espionage Thriller. They're 99c for only a few days.   Reviews, except, series info and buy links for

Deep Discounts for Romantic Suspense Thrillers First-in-Series!

Deep Discounts for Romantic Suspense Thrillers First-in-Series!   This is a week-only discount for two first-in-series books, for 99c, across all bookseller sites, including mine! Vistaria Has Fallen is book 1 of the Vistaria Has Fallen military romantic suspense series. Hunting the Kobra is book 1 of Project Kobra, a romantic spy thriller series. Sale

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The Explosive Wrap-Up of the Vistaria Has Fallen Series.

I can't believe we're finally at the end of the series.   It feels like I've been writing it for years. ...actually, I have been! This series has had several iterations, but all the previous versions never allowed me, for one reason or another, to actually finish the series. This time, I can!  (Yay, self-publishing!). V-Day is the

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Vistaria Has Fallen-Book 1 Romantic Suspense, now free everywhere, always.

Even though I don't put my books into Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program, I did manage to make the first book in the Vistaria Has Fallen series free a few times here and there, mostly on Kobo, over the last few months. Kobo are running a promo for Vistaria Has Fallen again, but in the meantime, I have permanently dropped

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Time to sip a toddy or two!

terricks noah Today is World Whisky Day, which is an excellent excuse to sip drop or two. A Hot Toddy, by the way, is hot whisky with honey in it -- a purely medicinal version of the liquor, I'm assured! Whisky was invented by the Scots, and if it is produced in Scotland, it

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