Hot Latin Warrior Heroes in Uniform…what’s not to love?

Hot Latin Warrior Heroes in Uniform...what's not to love? We seem to be in a romantic suspense season right now.  It's everywhere! I really can't believe the Vistaria Has Fallen series ended more than a year ago, but there you go.  It's been a year. So...a little snippet from one of the books in the upcoming

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Is Your Favourite Series Coming Up?

  Since switching to 100% indie publishing, I have done two things consistently (apart from writing a lot of books!): I have planned a schedule of book releases for two years out. I haven't shared that plan with readers. There are a lot of reasons why I don't share, even though I get peppered with

Deals! Discounts! Cheap books!

White Dawn cheap! A quick reminder to buy your copy of White Dawn now, if you haven’t already. The price goes up to $4.99, the full retail price, tomorrow night. Right now you can get it for $2.99, which is nearly 50% off. Home is where the heart is. After escaping the presidential palace, Carmen

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My Life/Working Notes – April 10, 2015

I already had Garrett figured out, then found this photo online. It's Garrett to a "t" -- scruffy beard, scars, sandy hair, and plenty of attitude. Yum!  Check the book's page out to see how close the cover really is! As I write this post, I’m zooming up to the finish post on

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