Hot Latin Heroes, High Tension Storytelling.

Hot Latin Heroes, High Tension Storytelling Jimmy Smits. Remember him? Yeah, me, too. And what has that to do with anything, you ask? Oh, lots… I grew up without a TV, so when I was a young adult, I pigged out on TV, catching up on TV series I hadn’t seen, but had heard all

Hot Latin Warrior Heroes in Uniform…what’s not to love?

Hot Latin Warrior Heroes in Uniform...what's not to love? We seem to be in a romantic suspense season right now.  It's everywhere! I really can't believe the Vistaria Has Fallen series ended more than a year ago, but there you go.  It's been a year. So...a little snippet from one of the books in the upcoming

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Is Your Favourite Series Coming Up?

  Since switching to 100% indie publishing, I have done two things consistently (apart from writing a lot of books!): I have planned a schedule of book releases for two years out. I haven't shared that plan with readers. There are a lot of reasons why I don't share, even though I get peppered with

Deals! Discounts! Cheap books!

White Dawn cheap! A quick reminder to buy your copy of White Dawn now, if you haven’t already. The price goes up to $4.99, the full retail price, tomorrow night. Right now you can get it for $2.99, which is nearly 50% off. Home is where the heart is. After escaping the presidential palace, Carmen

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My Life/Working Notes – April 10, 2015

I already had Garrett figured out, then found this photo online. It's Garrett to a "t" -- scruffy beard, scars, sandy hair, and plenty of attitude. Yum!  Check the book's page out to see how close the cover really is! As I write this post, I’m zooming up to the finish post on

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