Hot Latin Heroes, High Tension Storytelling.

Hot Latin Heroes, High Tension Storytelling Jimmy Smits. Remember him? Yeah, me, too. And what has that to do with anything, you ask? Oh, lots… I grew up without a TV, so when I was a young adult, I pigged out on TV, catching up on TV series I hadn’t seen, but had heard all

Red-Headed Men…Sigh

Red-Headed Men…Sigh What is it about red-headed men?  There’s a quality which draws you to them and I’m still trying to figure it out. I love dark, mysterious alpha heroes, don’t get me wrong.  Black of hair, blue eyed men, or even dark eyed, yep, I’m there. But red-headed men will draw my attention just

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Character Inspiration — A Classic Casting

Character Inspiration -- A Classic Casting It is sheer coincidence, but this week I seem to be talking about character inspiration all over the place.  I was talking about the character inspiration for Neven in the Kiss Across Worlds book on my newsletter.  I'm also currently plotting book 9.0 of the Scandalous Scions series (which currently

Happy Dads’ Day

Liane Metzler It's Fathers' Day in North America (Australia and the UK have theirs in September, and other countries are dotted all over the calendar), which is when I get to pause and acknowledge. For dads everywhere, have a great day. Cheers, . Get the news that no one else does.

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Sexy Lips on Men…Revisited.

I'm sure this has happened to you.  You're having a conversation with friends and everyone is chatting happily, the topics keep moving around, then you happen to say something that you think is completely innocuous. Suddenly, conversation stops and you can hear crickets chirping.  Everyone is looking at you and you can feel yourself mentally

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Where Did All The Long-Haired Heroes Go?

While short hair for men is the fashion right now in the early half of the twenty-first century, I can’t help but bewail the diminishing numbers of heroes with long hair. When did it stop being sexy? In Romanceland, heroes throughout history and into the realms of the paranormal have enjoyed long locks for decades. 

Romantic Suspense Heroes – Why Are They Always In Uniform?

Romantic Suspense Heroes – Why Are They Always In Uniform? I noticed this trend when I was writing the RS series a few weeks ago. I was trying to sort out in my own mind all the different sub-categories of RS and found it easier to try and classify them via the occupation of the

Working Notes – Progress Report and Sherlock (god help me).

I do love a bad boy, and Roman Xerus is currently stirring up all sorts of mischief in Blood Stone.  I'm nearly 150 pages in, and the story is just settling into the guts and heart of it...I think it's going to be another long one. I would possibly be a mite further along if

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