Also leaving KU very soon…

Also leaving KU very soon… The Beloved Bloody Time series is one of those series that mashes up a whole lot of sub-genres. It's set in the future (but it's not science fiction romance), with vampires and other fantasy creatures mixing with humans (which technically makes it urban fantasy). The main romances in each of

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Round Out Your Scandalous Collection!

Round Out Your Scandalous Collection! These days, I'm completing the Scandalous Family--The Victorians series, which will one day be followed by the Scandalous Family--The Edwardians series. And yes, I have the Edwardians series roughly mapped out, too. But many readers trip across the previous series, the Scandalous Scions series, before they hear of any of

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  • Scions Box One Cover Flat

Countdown Deals to Stuff Your Kindle With

Countdown Deals to Stuff Your Kindle With Had enough turkey yet?  <g> Along with all the books going into Kindle Unlimited, comes (for me) the opportunity to offer them at discount, once every ninety days.  So, as it's entirely possible you have a new ereader to fill, I thought I'd provide three options. The first

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