New Romantic Suspense novel now on Kindle Unlimited

If you like your romances meaty and plot-rich, and you’re also a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, then good news.  Heart Strike, book 3 of the Project Kobra romantic spy thriller series, is now in Kindle Unlimited and available to download.

The first two books of the series are also in KU, by the way.

She’s American, he’s Russian.  No one wants them to be together.

As a victim of the Kobra’s bomb, and with unique access to classified information, Fabian Santiago isn’t content with justice being delivered someday. When the Seven Seas unit bogs down in trivia she heads to Ukraine to find the Kobra herself.

When she falls—literally—into the arms of Mischa Sokolov, a charming Russian living in Kiev, their affair is so heated she is distracted from her very personal mission…until she leans that Mischa is not quite what he seems, and that her coming to Ukraine is shaking apart decades old conspiracies…

This romantic thriller is the third book in the Project Kobra series.

1.0: Hunting The Kobra
2.0: Inside Man
3.0: Heart Strike
…and more to come!

Praise for Heart Strike:

Riddled with twists and turns.

Welcome to a good old-fashioned romance riddled with dark, ancient secrets.

Amazingly fast paced thriller that I couldn’t put down.

Compulsive reading and an exhilarating story, I loved the balance of thrilling adventure and romance.

Smart twists and turns to keep us glued and guessing til the last page!

It’s non-stop storytelling at its best, full of adventure and romance.

Cooper-Posey at her best.

Tracy keeps you on your toes as usual in this fast paced installment, with twists that you won’t see coming.

Just Awesome!

The ins and outs will have you frantically turning the pages. Nothing is what it seems and no-one is who they appear to be.

Don’t even think you might be able to put it down and go to sleep.

Kept me reading way past my bedtime.

I like the fact the female is the one with the double life and keeping secrets that put them in danger.

The way Tracy builds to the climax is phenomenal. You just never know where it will be or how tense.

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