Hot Latin Lovers Now On Kindle Unlimited

The Vistaria Affair — the whole, entire series, including the series boxed set — is now available on Kindle Unlimited.

The book covers, above, all click through to the books’ pages, where there is a link to the book on Amazon.  The link will take you to your local Amazon store.

Are you choosing to self-isolate for the next few weeks?

We are, in our household–for as long as the food holds out, at least.  Then we’ll venture out for supplies and scurry back.

If you’re choosing to help flatten the demand curve upon our stressed health systems, and if you’re wondering what you’ll be doing for all that time, it seems timely to remind you that you can subscribe to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service for free for the first thirty days.

You will get a lot of reading done in thirty days, while we wait out this crisis.

And you can always unsubscribe before Amazon takes your first month’s subscription fee.  Theoretically, we should all be more or less back to normal by then (I hope!!).

You can enjoy KU even if you don’t have a Kindle reader. I don’t, for example — I read with the Kindle App on my computer, my phone and my tablet.

Get the Kindle Reading App here:  (it’s free, too): 

Free 30 day Subscription to Kindle Unlimited:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Amazon AU

Amazon DE (because I know there are German-speakers reading this – Vielen Dank!)


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