European Painted Ladies

European Painted Ladies I do a lot of research and reading. From weird facts blog sites to historical textbooks to Wikipedia -- yes, I actually read Wikipedia. I have it set up to give me a random article page each day. Sometimes, I find the article interesting enough to start clicking the related links and following the rabbit hole

Deep Discounts for Romantic Suspense Thrillers First-in-Series!

Deep Discounts for Romantic Suspense Thrillers First-in-Series!   This is a week-only discount for two first-in-series books, for 99c, across all bookseller sites, including mine! Vistaria Has Fallen is book 1 of the Vistaria Has Fallen military romantic suspense series. Hunting the Kobra is book 1 of Project Kobra, a romantic spy thriller series. Sale

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And The 100th Book Is Officially Released: INSIDE MAN

And The 100th Book Is Officially Released INSIDE MAN There has been a lot of hullabaloo about this release, mainly centered around the huge sweepstakes associated with it (which are closed now, sorry!).  A bit later today I will be announcing the winners here on the blog. Right now, though, I'm actually announcing the release

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More Massive Discounts–2 days only!

More Massive Discounts--2 days only! In conjunction with the launch of ​Inside Man​, the 100th book, I’m also doing a massive discount sale on my site for release day and the day after, only.  That's today and tomorrow only. From midnight July 25th to midnight July 26th MDT, here on my site, you can: Buy 2-3 books,

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A Very Special Promo!

If you're at all familiar with my site and my books, then the image, above, might tell you what makes this promo special. It's ​my​ promotion.  :) And it's for the launch of my 100th book, ​Inside Man​.  ​Inside Man ​is book 2 of the Project Kobra romantic suspense series.  This promo includes book 1 of the series, ​Hunting

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Last days!! Massive 124 prizes, $2,650 Value Giveaway!

We're only days away from the release of my Official 100th Book is just a month away.   The 100th book is Inside Man, Book 2 of the Project Kobra romantic thriller series, which released on July 25th. The massive giveaway is nearly at an end -- enter before the draw closes in a couple of days!