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Lovers of the Light Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance Giveaway

There's some pretty big names in this giveaway, including C. Gokel, Aurora Springer, Brenda Hyatt... If you like your romances with a solid touch of wonder, have at it! Giveaway ends May 20. Jump to the Lovers of the Light BookFunnel Giveaway Cheers, . Take my stories on a test run.  4 full

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…and you DID Ask!

...and you DID Ask! The new time slot for Monday's Facebook Live seems to work quite well. There were some great questions! A new time slot and a grab bag of odd questions from readers, lately, plus any questions asked live. How weird will this get? Let's see! Index of Contents 1:12 News 7:47 Mailbag

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Easter Days With Historical Fun

There is an Easter Historical books sale happening on BookFunnel -- it's only for a few days and finished on April 22, and it features only a handful of books, too. There's at least one Regency, a Victorian, Pirates, Vikings, and a Renaissance era, at least. Some interesting covers for sure! Easter Days with Historical

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Good Friday and Happy Family Time

Most of the western world comes to a halt on Easter Friday, while some of it marks the religious event.  For everyone else, the four-day Easter long weekend is a precious down-time or family occasion--a chance to catch up, pause and enjoy the company of loved-ones. This is my weekend, too.  A family dinner/birthday celebration

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#1 Hot New Releases! – Best Sellers in Historical Australian & Oceanian Fiction

#1 Hot New Releases! Best Sellers in Historical Australian & Oceanian Fiction It's lovely seeing that little orange #1 flag pop up on a book on Amazon. Degree of Solitude carried the flag for days and days:   Currently, it is #2 in that categories' hot new releases list, and #12 in the overall category. Even

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Change In Facebook Live session times and Ask Me Anything (Really!)

Change In Facebook Live session times and Ask Me Anything (Really!) Tomorrow, I'm switching things up for a bit. I often get emails expressing regret because the Facebook Live sessions are scheduled at a time when readers can't tune in live. As 2pm MDT on a weekday suits the majority of readers, in all time

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Fantasy Sales Promo

There's a BookFunnel promo running at the moment that is a little different. It's a sale, not a giveaway. All the books in the sale are discounted in some way. My book, The Branded Rose Prophecy, for example, retails for $6.99, because it's a George R.R. Martin length epic. During the sale it's available for

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The Heroine Who Wouldn’t Behave Herself

The Heroine Who Wouldn't Behave Herself If you watched last Monday's Facebook Live, you'll know that this week's discussion is one I've put off for a couple of weeks: Military Careers When Soldiers Wore Swords. We love to adore the red-coated soldiers parading through our historical romances -- just think of Rupert Friend in Pride &

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Lots and Lots of Giveaways for April!

Lots and Lots of Giveaways for April! For some reason, these giveaways always bunch up at the start and end of the month. Here's a bunch of giveaways starting this month, that you should not miss out on. Some great titles, some great authors, and some very small, curated collections worth trawling through, too. Sizzling

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Passion of Love March 2019 Giveaway

Passion of Love March 2019 Giveaway As the image implies, this BookFunnel giveaway is for steamier romances. Lots of bare chests on display (so be careful if you're reading this at work--although the image above just dropped your co-workers' jaws, anyway!). I have a lot of books (over 150 of them), so I can participate

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