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100 Books Goodies

100 Books Goodies Along with the huge giveaway I spoke about , I've also arranged some great mugs and tee shirts and hoodies to mark the occasion. Here's some samples: Here's the full artwork, so you can see it in detail (which the product images don't really do justice to). Mark managed to get every single

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Romance Giveaways & Deals!

Romance Giveaways & Deals! More BookFunnel goodness for July: This one is a sale, but it's an interesting sale: Everything available in the collection is a boxed series. As series boxed sets are already cheaper than buying the entire series in individual titles, that means that the discounts available via this sale are discounts on discounts. So there

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July Free Romance Reads

  127 Books, across all romance sub-genres. Something for everyone. July 1 to July 31   Also, don't forget to check my Freebies page for an always current list of giveaways and deals. - t. Cheers, here Massive 100th Book Giveaway! 124 prizes worth a total of $2,650, and everyone who enters gets

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Canada Day 2019

Canada Day 2019 My second Canada Day as a Canadian.  :) For everyone north of the 48th parallel, enjoy your day off, barbecue and family time.  Oh, and the sun.  (If you're getting any!) _________ Cheers, here Massive 100th Book Giveaway! 124 prizes worth a total of $2,650, and everyone who enters gets

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I’m Live on Facebook Tomorrow Night

  As I threatened to do last time I was live on Facebook, I'm doing another chat tomorrow night at 6pm MST. (Time zone converter here.) No special content or theme this time. Just questions and answers and hanging out. As usual, feel free to ask me anything. If you're shy, you can email your question

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Only three more to go!

Only three more to go! I can't believe that I can see the end of this massively long series from here! I started the Scandalous Scions series on May 11, 2017, with the release of the prequel, Rose of Ebony. In just over two years, there have been 10 books released in the series, the prequel,

Sci-Fi Invasion Giveaway

Sci-Fi Invasion Giveaway I think I'm old school or too much of a purist. To me, when I see "sci-fi", I think television, and schlocky films. Do you? To me, science fiction novels, magazines, short stories, etc. are all either "science fiction" or SF. But times change. (don't look at my silver hair!) Sci-Fi Invasion

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