New Look for the Interspace Origins SFR Series

I find it super interesting the way book covers can suddenly look “old”.

They don’t have dust on them, but they might as well have.

You as a reader are likely aware of this very subconsciously. You just know if a book looks old. But if you were asked to point out why, you probably couldn’t say why you think this is so. You just know.

This happened to me a few weeks ago. I happened to be looking at the three covers for the Interspace Origins series, featuring Cat and Bedivere, and suddenly realized they looked old and, well, dusty. And out of date.

So I got new covers made.

And while I was getting new covers made, I also updated the interiors and blew the dust of those.

If you already have copies of the three books, then you can update/reload your books via the archives of the store where you bought the books. If you got the books from me, you can re-download the books via your library shelf on BookFunnel at

So here’s a look at the new covers!

If you like science fiction romance without the green alien hero and endless steam, give the Interspace Origins series a try. It’s an award winner.

And the first book, Faring Soul, is free.

Find out more about the series here — there are buy links there, too.

Scandalous Scions Box Four out soon!

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