Science Fiction/SFR/Space Opera Giveaway!

Science Fiction/SFR/Space Opera Giveaway! There is a science fiction/romance/adventure/space opera (phew!) giveaway happening on BookFunnel right now. My award-winning book, Faring Soul, which is book 1 of the Interspace Origins series, is included. As I write this email, there are 33 other participants, and I have to tell you, some of them look good. I will be

40% Off The Entire INTERSPACE ORIGINS Series.

Boxed sets of an entire series are already discounted compared to the cost of buying the individual books.  Discounted boxed sets represent a huge savings. Kobo are holding their March 40% Off Box Sets Sale, from now until March 26, 2018 and my award-winning Interspace Origins science fiction romance series is included. The complete Interspace Origins

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…and Science Fiction Romance is Back On the Table (Among Other Genres).

In the last few weeks I have been holding a discussion with my readers via the newsletter, about what they want to read. The discussion was sparked by Street Team members telling me I was wrong to stop writing Science Fiction Romance. That gave me pause, because my Street Team are a microcosm of my

FARING SOUL Free on Kobo for the Next 6 Days Only.

Kobo are offering Faring Soul, the award winning first book of the science fiction romance series, Interspace Origins, free on their site only for the next week. This is the perfect opportunity to test run a new series -- especially if you've wanted to try science fiction romance. SFR Galaxy Award 2015 Winner Rumors emerge that

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I Got This Email About The Kiss Across Time Series

Actually, it wasn't just one email.  I've been getting a lot. They go, more or less: I love, love, love the Kiss Across Time series.  I just got to the end of Kiss Across Worlds, and read about there being no more for the foreseeable future.  Say it isn't so! I want more.  Pleeeeeeeeaaaaase...? I know how

Portals 5 – Sample SFR For Free.

I got a lovely email from a reader the other day saying how much they enjoy my Science Fiction Romance books.  It was the first time I've had direct reader feedback that the SFR titles are being well received, although the reviews for the six SFR titles I have out already are very encouraging. I

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Are you missing out on the good stuff?

I was just interviewed by USA Today for their Happy Ever After blog.  The interview comes out on June 30 (yes, I'll remind you!).  The interesting thing is that they wanted to talk to me about Faring Soul, book 1 of the Interspace Origins series. Why is that interesting?  Well, for me, the writing and

A perfect swan song. least, that's what one reader said on Amazon, about Cat and Company, the third and last (for now) book in the Interspace Origins series. Cat and Company was released last Thursday. Here's a peek for you: “Where are we going, again?” Catherine whispered, leaning toward Devlin so she could keep her voice down. Devlin

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VARKAN RISE – Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Now!

I'm having so much fun writing Science Fiction Romance - and now that Book 1 of the Interspace Origins series, Faring Soul, has won a SFR Galaxy Award, I'm even more enthusiastic! I was already nearly done with Book 2, Varkan Rise, when the award was announced, which makes this almost perfect timing! Varkan Rise

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