Shakespearean Sonnets Revisited.

This post ran seven years ago, so it has drifted deep into the archives.  I thought I'd refresh it and bring it forward. --t. Joseph Fiennes as Shakespeare in SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor - THE TAMING OF THE SHREW I'm almost afraid to mention Shakespeare.  There is a

Reviews III: Reader Reviews

This post is part of a series: Reviews I: Why I Don’t Do Book Reviews Reviews II: Professional Reviews Reviews III: Reader Reviews Reviews IV: Alternatives to Reviews _______ In the world of reviewing, "reader reviews" are a relatively new phenomenon...depending on how you look at it. Every time Shakespeare's plays were performed at the

Shakespearean Sonnets

I'm almost afraid to mention Shakespeare.  There is a whole generation of readers out there, including my kids, who had Shakespeare in Love shoved down their throats in English class at highschool.  They studied the movie and everything to do with Shakespeare for ten very long weeks, to the point where

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