Friday’s Mash

Goodies I’ve found from chatting and cruising this week:


Romance Book Junkies – Danielle likes Paranormal, Erotica, Historical, Fantasy, some Young Adult and some Urban Fantasy, but she doesn’t review MMF romances at all.

DABWAHA –  Interesting concept.  It’s like Survivor, but for books.  The slug line reads:  “64 Books. 1 Champion. Get Your Game On.”  Readers nominate their favourite books, and get to vote in the various knock-out rounds, and you win prizes (more books) along the way.  Hosted by the co-owners of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

Interesting Posts/Articles

Why I’m Looking Forward to Game Of Thrones Season 2

Reading An E-Book Without an E-Book Reader.   Google’s vision of what the future might look like. And it doesn’t involve cellphones.  Very interesting!

Indie Authors

E.B. Walters – Contemporary and Romantic Suspense

Lori Devoti – Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Romance


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