Would You Wait Six Years For A Kiss?

This post, just like "Why Time Travel Romances Wouldn’t Work Outside Romance Novels", first appeared on a blog now long gone, as part of the book launch tour for the vampire time travel romance novel, Bannockburn Binding.  -t. I have a love/hate relationship with television series.  I don’t watch live television because the advertisements and constant

Pulse Pause Moments – Tony and Ziva, Part Deux

Dammit, I'm hooked like a wriggling fish.  I swore off NCIS if Tony and Ziva didn't get their act together (literally) at the beginning of Season 10.  Yeah, they didn't. But now it looks like they just might, half-way through the season.  Give a woman a teeny glimpse of hope and she'll last another quarter

Pulse Pause Moments – Peter And Olivia – Fringe

I started late on Fringe.  As in, only a few weeks ago, and the show is already into Season 4.  But I've caught up already.  The hook bit deep, and dragged hard. The most frustrating part of that is I'm not really sure why. The show doesn't deal with paranormal -- or it says it

Damn Good Romances – Part 1

This post is part of a series. Part 1: Damn Good Romances Part II: Romantic Tension Part III: Romantic Conflict Part IV: Emotional Intensity Part V: Heart-Stopping Moments Part VI: Uncertainty of Outcome Part VII: Moment of Ultimate Vulnerability Part VIII: Happy Ever After...For Now _____________ Mark and I were arguing...sorry, “discussing” what makes a

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