About The Industry – Be The Monkey

Actually, if you know what choosing to be the monkey really means, you’d recoil.  But it’s a diverting title for a book that is really a long conversation between two big names in publishing.  One, Barry Eisler, is a New York Times Bestselling writer who has turned his back on the legacy publishing model and is now self-publishing his books.  The other is self-professed loud-mouth and indie-publishing advocate, J.A. Konrath.

It’s a nicely formatted and edited compilation of three really big posts that were posted on Konrath’s and Eisler’s blogs over the last couple of years.  All three posts were traffic spikers, conversation-starters and comment-magnets.  I’m subscribed to both blogs and saw the traffic snarl live and up-close.  It was very interesting.  There is a lot of mind-blowing content in this book.  If you’ve never thought about the direction publishing is heading, this will open up some interesting rooms — well, whole warehouses, really — of speculation and ideas for you.

No one knows anything for certain about where publishing is really going, but some of what Eisler and Konrath proposes will drop your jaw.

And make you laugh out loud.

Oh yeah…and the book is free.  Pick up your copy in your preferred format here.



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