What Would You Do To Gain Your Own Psi Talent?

I'm currently suffering through the first cold I've had in years -- and not doing it very gracefully, I might add.  It is sapping my energy. So I thought I would post this longish article about paranormal talents -- another of a huge group of guest posts on blogs that have evaporated in the meantime.

Flash Fiction Tuesday: The Well of Rnomath

  I thought I'd try something a bit different for a bit.  There's quite a few writers I know who write "in public" -- they post what they produce on their blogs, for readers to react to.  Wattpad is the grand collective of this idea.  For writers who are unsure of their craft, or for

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Uncovered Treasures.

Well, paint me red. I am not super big on hanging out on social networks, although that's where I get to chat with readers most of the time, so I do know my way around.  Or at least, I thought I did. The other day I discovered that not only does Facebook not show me

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My Top 12 Paranormal/Fantasy TV Series Ever (for now)

My Top 12 Paranormal/Fantasy TV Series Ever (for now) This is a purely personal list – I haven’t watched every show out there (time!!!), and none of these are reality shows or documentaries.  (Story Rules!) But these are ones I’ve loved and adored.  They’re not in any particular order. Being Human (UK) Being Human was

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Is it Worth The Time, Marrying Ephemerals? Part II

Is it Worth The Time, Marrying Ephemerals? Part II Who would want a relationship where one partner is guaranteed to die and the other isn’t? Well, a lot of couples want it, it seems. Judging by the number of human + long-life-species romances being published, there’s apparently something fundamentally appealing in the idea. But is

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Is it Worth The Time, Marrying Ephemerals?

Is it Worth The Time, Marrying Ephemerals? If you’re blessed with long, long life, is it fair to marry a short-lifer? Many of the species and races that populate fantasy and paranormal fiction are long lifers: vampires, of course, plus elves, demons, angels, and even author-invented species like my own Curandero, from the Blood Stone

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Paranormal 4th of July Holiday Bash Giveaway.

For fans of my Kiss Across Time series, today Taylor Yates is being interviewed on author Kathy Kulig's blog, as part of the Paranormal 4th of July Holiday Bash. Find out what Taylor thinks of the 4th of July holiday. Stop by and you can enter to win a copy of Bannockburn Binding, too. ______________

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