Well, paint me red.

I am not super big on hanging out on social networks, although that’s where I get to chat with readers most of the time, so I do know my way around.  Or at least, I thought I did.

The other day I discovered that not only does Facebook not show me all the direct personal messages I get, they bury some of them under “filtered” tags, so I have to click through twice to even find them.

I had messages there going back to 2008!!!


Apparently, this is a chronic problem for all Facebook users.  Facebook will tell you the instant someone likes anything, comments, or even looks at your post.  But they don’t tell you about personal messages.

It’s totally baffling, but there you go.

I worked my way through the <mumble> years of messages and apologized profusely to everyone.

I also found some buried treasure in there.  Carol McKibben is a paranormal romance author who, some time ago, wrote a lovely post mentioning me and my books.  She sent me a PM to let me know what she had done, which I found the other day.  Oh, wow!  So I abased myself and promised I would return the favour.  You’ll find the post she wrote here.  (Just don’t look at the date!!).

You can also find her books here.  Check them out!  There’s a free one there, too, so you can sample her work.

And now, my conscience rests a little easier!


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