On the blog…Two Years Ago

I've been running this blog for a long time.  If you include the occasional break from blogging, and the times when my site host shut me down for too much traffic (yes, they can do that), then I've been blogging since 2005.  Most of the older posts are now articles on the Articles pages. Out

Is it Worth The Time, Marrying Ephemerals? Part II

Is it Worth The Time, Marrying Ephemerals? Part II Who would want a relationship where one partner is guaranteed to die and the other isn’t? Well, a lot of couples want it, it seems. Judging by the number of human + long-life-species romances being published, there’s apparently something fundamentally appealing in the idea. But is

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Is it Worth The Time, Marrying Ephemerals?

Is it Worth The Time, Marrying Ephemerals? If you’re blessed with long, long life, is it fair to marry a short-lifer? Many of the species and races that populate fantasy and paranormal fiction are long lifers: vampires, of course, plus elves, demons, angels, and even author-invented species like my own Curandero, from the Blood Stone

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WAIT – Time Twist Tale 1.1 – Now Out!

Wait is the first of the Time Twist Tales -- short stories and novellas weaving in and out of the Beloved Bloody Time series. There will be other Time Twist Tales later (right now, I'm writing Book 4 in the series, so fun bits like these will have to wait a while). Wait features Tally

My Life + Working Notes – February 17, 2014

It's the long weekend -- well, the tail end of it.  Mark and I have spent the weekend being creatively productive. I just finished the first draft of Wait, which Beloved Bloody Time fans should be pleased about, as it is the long history of Tally and Lee before the events of Bannockburn Binding.  The

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