Flash Fiction Tuesday: The Well of Rnomath

I thought I’d try something a bit different for a bit.  There’s quite a few writers I know who write “in public” — they post what they produce on their blogs, for readers to react to.  Wattpad is the grand collective of this idea.  For writers who are unsure of their craft, or for the very rare extroverted author, such public writing has benefit.

Most of my stories are locked in — there are series I would like to complete and characters who are already established.  Plus, I write long.  Most of the time, anyway (this year is an experiment in exceptions, however).

Plus, the genre is set.  I’m either writing SF or Romance.

Because my publishing schedule is set for the next two years, there are only a few places where I can play in the sandpit, experiment and play around.  This might be one of those places.  We’ll see!

The idea is that once a month, I will use a wild card prompt of some sort, and from that generate a short piece of fiction.  Hopefully, it will be flash fiction and done by the end of the post.  If it looks like the story has legs and could go on a bit, I may stop and check to see what everyone thinks before finishing it.

There’s lots of possibilities.  I will be very open to feedback from you.


In honour of yesterday’s International Wikipedia Day (here, if you missed it), I used the Random Article generator on the Wikipedia site, to see what I came up with.  What I got was:


By Thomas MaarupOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

If you’re curious, check out the article itself here.

The story I wrote, jumping off from the article, you can find here.



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