Time Travel Romance and Espionage Thriller Romance Heading to Kindle Unlimited

Time Travel Romance and Espionage Thriller Romance Heading to Kindle Unlimited   The next two series heading for Kindle Unlimited in just under three weeks are: 1) The Kiss Across Time series, which is (brace yourself) vampire menage time travel urban fantasy romance, and one of my top three all time best sellers, and 2)

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A Volcano, A Revolution and A Romance

A Volcano, A Revolution and A Romance Love vampires, time travel and sexy menages? Have you delved into the Kiss Across Time series yet? I recently finished Kiss Across Blades, which is where, finally, I got back to telling more about Neven's, London's and Remi's story. This time I ended up in historical territory I have

My Worst Enemy

My Worst Enemy     I though I'd talk about my paranormal time travel romance series, Kiss Across Time, today.  As there is sort-of news.  Actually it's more a random musing...but I'll get to that. I have a list of release dates and proposed books that stretches out at least a year ahead of today. 

The Next Book In The Kiss Across Time Series Is Now Available For Preorder On Amazon

I just finished rereading Kiss Across Tomorrow, as part of my editing and cleanup process, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it.  That seems self-aggrandizing, but I’m very pleased to be able to say it, because when I stopped writing the series a year ago, I had started to get a teeny

The Most Well-Known Muslim Leader in Western History?

Igor Ovsyannykov   KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, Ghassan Massoud, 2005, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved. On this day in 1169, Salah ad-Din or Saladin became the emir of Egypt.  He was a Kurdish Fatimid and highly educated.  He preferred studying and religion to military affairs, but he would go on to

On the Road (Last time this month) — Fandom Fanatic

And the final stop on the Kiss Across Chains tour is Fandom Fanatic. This is also your final opportunity to enter the sweepstakes for the tour. Good luck! ______________________

On the Road: My Secret Romance + Salacious Reads

Today I'm double-teaming again.  ;)  The Kiss Across Time series is being featured at both My Secret Romance and Salacious Reads, along with the superduper sweepstakes. One more day to enter....

On The Road: Grave Tells

Should the ability to do magic come with a price?  I'm talking about that and other paranormal phenomenon over at Grave Tells today, as part of the Kiss Across Chains tour. ____________

On the Road: Mimmi’s Musings

We're on the countdown to the end of the tour for Kiss Across Chains, which means you only have four more opportunities to enter the big sweepstakes. Today I'm at Mimmi's Musings.

On The Road: A TiffyFits Reading + Smoldering Heat

Today at close to the tail-end of the Kiss Across Chains tour, I'm visiting two sites. At Smoldering Heat, I'm wondering where all the long-haired heroes have gone? While at A TiffyFit's Reading, the series is being reviewed and spotlighted. Both sites will have entries for the Sweepstakes available. _____________