I Got This Email About The Kiss Across Time Series

Actually, it wasn’t just one email.  I’ve been getting a lot.

They go, more or less:

I love, love, love the Kiss Across Time series.  I just got to the end of Kiss Across Worlds, and read about there being no more for the foreseeable future.  Say it isn’t so!

I want more.  Pleeeeeeeeaaaaase…?

I know how they feel.  The Kiss Across Time series is my favourite of all time, bar none.  Honestly.  I love and adore Brody and Veris and their extended and growing family.

Why I Shut It Down In the First Place

For a while there, I was putting a book out every two months, and I think that I burned out more than a few readers.  Sales dropped.  Reviews drooped.

As I write full time and sales pay my bills and keep my precious Internet connection live, I must pay attention to what you, the reader, wants.  If demand drops I must put a series aside — no matter how much I like it.

That is why I have put aside series like The Endurance, and have not resurrected plans to create a spin-off series to Interspace Origins.  The weak sales showed that you were not enjoying the series as I had hoped.  Regretfully (for I do like writing science fiction romance), I shelved the series.

I was looking at the same decline for Kiss Across Time, except for one glaring exception.  Lots of readers were emailing me and contacting me and telling me how much they love the series.

That gave me a little hope.

So, instead of shutting the series down for good, I put it on hiatus for a while.

I didn’t know how long that pause would be, because what I think I’m going to be writing for the next year changes every quarter, as I take into account sales and emails and other feedback that you give me about what you’re enjoying and what you’re not enjoying so much.

But Demand Didn’t Diminish.

I packed the series away and got on with new stuff.

And weirdly, the demand did not drop off for Kiss Across Time, the way it did for the other series I’ve been forced to put aside.

While sales never peaked the way they might have if I’d been putting out a new book in the series, sales continued on at a steady rate.  So did subscriptions to the newsletter for the series channel.  And the emails didn’t stop.

I took notice.

Therefore, the next time I re-worked my production schedule, I juggled (hard), and got three more books in the Kiss Across Time series back onto the schedule.

The first new book will be released shortly before Christmas this year, and the next two over the first half of 2019.

It’s a way off, but it was the best I could do for right now.  If there’s any way to move them up the schedule when I rework it, I will.  But for now, they’re on there.

Only three for now.

I’ve only put the three books on the schedule for now, because it is a bit of an experiment for me.  I want to see if the demand is there.  Your emails tell me it is, but the real proof is in sales, when other readers who do not stay informed via my newsletter or this blog discover there is a new book out.

Personally, I cannot wait to dive back into the series.  I’m already re-reading the entire thing to pick up all the loose ends and I have some fabulous ideas for future books and stories.

If there’s something you’re dying to see happen in the series, or if you’ve ever read the books and thought “it would be so cool to see_________ happen!”, now is the time to tell me.  I won’t promise to put in all suggestions, but they can all go into the melting pot and may turn up in some form or another in a future book.


…and keep those emails and messages coming.  I do listen and take note, as you can see!

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10 thoughts on “I Got This Email About The Kiss Across Time Series”

  1. So glad to hear there will be more books for that series. I will be looking forward to the next book at the end of the year

  2. Yes! I want to hear about Marit, and all the others of course. Tracy, I loved the science fiction romance series too. Actually I think I have all but about 3 of your books! Really love your work. Thanks.

  3. So glad your going to continue the Kiss Across Time series and will be waiting to read the next one.

    But I’m upset about you not continuing the Endurance series. Are we never to know if they get to their new home, what occurs in the time left to get to their new home and what might happen once they arrive? Feel the same about Origins. It’s such a shame that Sci-Fi is not as popular as your other genre. 🙁

    1. Thanks, Dina.

      Never say never, even about the SFR. At the moment, because the sales are so poor, it’s hard to justify spending the weeks I would need to write new books in the series. However, the indie romance scene changes so rapidly, that in a year or so I may put my toe in the water with a book or two and see how everyone likes them, then.

      The other factor, of course, is time. I have so many series currently in development, that I have to pick which to write, and the sales, again, make that a clear decision.

      But just look at Vistaria Has Fallen — it took a few years to get around to finishing that one, too.

      So, stick around. One day, the Endurance story may yet get finished.




  5. Up until May last year I hadn’t really read anything but clean regency romances. Then I came across Kiss Across Time in my BookBub ebook bargains daily email. I don’t know what made me go for it after reading the description since it was so very far from my, at the time, usual reading fare. Since I read it, I’ve greatly expanded my categories and paranormal romances are my all time favorite now. I tallied it up and I think I have about 75% of your books. I’m slowly working on the rest. I’ve been hesitant about the scifi series but think I will give them a try as I haven’t read a story of yours so far I’ve not loved.
    No matter what books I read, however, Kiss Across Time has always been my absolute favorite. I couldn’t even begin to count how many times I have gone back and re-read the first one, it’s been well over a dozen times. I love Brody and Veris but I like Alexander too.
    My second favorite series is Beloved Bloody Time, especially Brenden, Mariana & Laszlo.
    You have an incredible talent for writing. I wish I could be so creative even if it was just for myself and my family. – Tee

    1. Wow, Teresa! Thank you!

      And congratulations on trying something different. There’s not many readers who like to move too far out of their comfort zone (and from clean Regency to Kiss Across Time is an awfully big leap!). It does appear you’ve been rewarded by the effort, though. I’m so pleased you like the series!

      So, just hang in there a few months longer, for the next installment!



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