A perfect swan song.

Cat-3D…at least, that’s what one reader said on Amazon, about Cat and Company, the third and last (for now) book in the Interspace Origins series.

Cat and Company was released last Thursday.

Here’s a peek for you:

“Where are we going, again?” Catherine whispered, leaning toward Devlin so she could keep her voice down.

Devlin nodded at the two other pilots, Cleon and Wayna, who stepped up to the copilot chairs at the front of the deck.  He shut down the map and took Catherine’s elbow.  Gently.   “I have some coffee over here, freshly brewed.”  He led her over to the small lounging area, where a coffee service had been placed on the low table.  Steam was rising from the mouth of the pot.

Catherine’s mouth watered.  “Gods, yes, coffee,” she breathed.

Devlin sat on the forward-facing lounge so Catherine took the other one.  He poured the coffee, the small smile lingering around the corners of his mouth.  “Is it my imagination, or do I sense an air of regret about you this morning?”  He was speaking quietly, so that no one else on the flight deck would hear him.

Catherine sighed and took the cup he offerred.  “I’ve told you before.  I’m not good and kind and…upright, like you.”

“We all have pasts,” Devlin said, pouring a cup for himself.  “Some of us live with them easier than others.”  His black gaze caught hers.  “You should forgive yourself and move on, Catherine.”

“It’s not me that needs forgiveness,” she muttered.  Then she pressed her lips together.  “Never mind.”

“Bedivere?”  He gave her a small smile.  “You never speak his name.  Are you aware of that?”

Catherine sighed.  “Meaning that if I could, I’d be cured?”  She grimaced.  “Easier to just not think about it at all.”

“And while you are busy not thinking about him, it colors everything you do and most of what you say…or don’t say.”

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