The True Size of Australia

I seem to have an Australian theme running this week. I came across this graphic a while back, and snagged it to show you.  The most common world map, the one we’re most familiar with, is the Mercator Projection map.  The map is very bad at showing related sizes of continents–because that was not why […]

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G’day, Mate, I’m Canadian!…Eh!

I received a surprise letter in the snail mail box last week — my Canadian citizenship application was granted and I was to swear my oath on December 18th. This was a surprise because the process had been super-fast.  Most citizenship applications take 18 months to work their way through the system, but I applied

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Mentally Absent For A Bit.

This post was originally scheduled for Saturday, to let you know that by the time you read it I would be on a plane for Australia, in a dash to see my father, who was seriously ill. Dad passed away this morning, MST. I’m still getting on the plane and heading to Australia to help

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Australia Day – January 26

I’m ironically aware that as this post goes live, Australia Day in Australia is all over and done with, thanks to the International Date Line. But it’s Australia Day where I am, so I’m doing the salute, sans the tinny. ‘on yer, mate. ________________________

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Happy Aussie Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads sitting down under right now — including mine — and all the Australian Dad scattered around the world. On yer, mate. __________

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Working Notes – My Life December 19

So Mark hits me with the news that he had to pick up some wrestler from the airport at the crack of dawn on Saturday, and because they’re not heading to Red Deer for the evening’s show until noon (Red Deer is only a couple of hours south of here), said wrestler would have to

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