Would You Wait Six Years For A Kiss?

This post, just like "Why Time Travel Romances Wouldn’t Work Outside Romance Novels", first appeared on a blog now long gone, as part of the book launch tour for the vampire time travel romance novel, Bannockburn Binding.  -t. I have a love/hate relationship with television series.  I don’t watch live television because the advertisements and constant

Pulse Pause Moment – Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Wife.

Given my obsession with Castle and Beckett, it's probably natural I check out Firefly, and find out how Nathan Fillion does in the Joss Whedon series that boosted him to cult status. Not bad, as it turns out. I'm a huge science fiction fan.  I'm not a western fan at all.  This series is an

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Did You Catch Castle?

After all my raving about Castle and Beckett a few months ago, did I convince you enough to check out the back episodes and then catch the season three cliff-hanger conclusion during the premier of Season Four on the 19th? I did.  So did about eight of my friends and family, all sitting around my

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