BLOOD KNOT Nominated Paranormal Romance Of The Year (CAPA Awards)

Mark was the one that pointed the nomination out to me, which is staggering, under the circumstances.  He noticed one of his contacts on Facebook talk about missing out on a CAPA nomination this year.  He remembered that the CAPAs are a big deal in the romance world, and flipped over to The Romance Studio's

If You’re Really Alert…

For the super energetic Saturday morning browsers, a little bonus.  I've just put up a page for the sequel to Blood Knot.  You'll find some early details on Blood Stone  here. Cheers, Tracy.    

BLOOD KNOT award, FATAL WILD CHILD Review…I’m back!

I'm almost scared to start blogging again.  There's a small mountain of news, tasks, and dust to blow off the site. Not to mention about 800 photos we took in Australia that I should really comb through to share the best of with you, that I never really had time to upload while I was

I’m at Coffeetime Romance Today

The blog tour for my erotic urban fantasy romance, Blood Knot, continues today. I'm guest blogging at Coffetime Romance's blog, where I'm talking about flatiron buildings. I'll also be giving away another copy of Kiss Across Swords to a visitor. Stop in and say hello and catch up with the next installment of the excerpts. See you there!

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