Did You Catch Castle?

After all my raving about Castle and Beckett a few months ago, did I convince you enough to check out the back episodes and then catch the season three cliff-hanger conclusion during the premier of Season Four on the 19th?

I did.  So did about eight of my friends and family, all sitting around my coffee table, chowing down on pot-luck and fine coffee, while playing Facebook status one-up-manship with their cellphones (you can see the roadkill on my personal page) as we waited for one of the most eagerly anticipated TV episodes in years.

It is the first, and probably last, time I have watched real, live television, complete with ad breaks, in about twenty years.  Only for Castle would I stoop to it.  And it was sooo worth it!

…and I so did, too, call the ending to the episode!  I knew it!  Ha!

If you watch(ed) the show, what did you think?



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