Finding Good Stuff On Twitter

I've fought Twitter for the longest time, because at first it seemed so damned pointless.   I'm a novelist.  I couldn't see how anything worthwhile could be discussed in 120 characters. But the explosive popularity of Twitter, and texting in general, proved me wrong. I've embraced Twitter conditionally.  We're working partners for now.  I still don't

Friday’s Mash

Goodies I've found from chatting and cruising this week: Sites Kindle Spice - Only the Hottest Books for Your Kindle.  Pretty self explanatory.  They have some ads, but it seems to be exactly what it says.  And their logo, a play on the Kindle logo, is cute. Time Management Ninja - Clean, well laid out,

A Toolkit And Compass for Romanceland – Part V

A Toolkit And Compass for Romanceland Because All The Roads Are Being Re-Built (Maybe) Contributing To Word-of-Mouth This is Part 5  (and the last) of a series: Part 1: Romanceland Meltdown Part 2: Finding Books - Part 1 Part 3: Finding Books - Part 2 Part 4: Assessing Books Part 5: Contributing To Word-of-Mouth (Series

BLOOD KNOT award, FATAL WILD CHILD Review…I’m back!

I'm almost scared to start blogging again.  There's a small mountain of news, tasks, and dust to blow off the site. Not to mention about 800 photos we took in Australia that I should really comb through to share the best of with you, that I never really had time to upload while I was

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