Ease Yourself Into MMF Romances – Part V

Ease Yourself Into MMF Romances – Part V Narrow Down Your List of Potential MMF Novels To Read This is part five of a Series Part 1: Ménages Categorized Part 2: How can MMF be romantic? Part 3: How To Read Your First MMF Romance Part 4: Where To Find Your MMF Romances Part 5:

BLOOD KNOT Review and Ranking on Amazon. Yeah, I’m still catching up…

I know I said I was back, last post, but I had no idea what a massive liar I was, at the time. Yeah, I was back in Canada -- physically.  As for actually being back in control of my life, all the strings in my hand, all lights green, ready to rock on...hollow laugh.

BLOOD KNOT award, FATAL WILD CHILD Review…I’m back!

I'm almost scared to start blogging again.  There's a small mountain of news, tasks, and dust to blow off the site. Not to mention about 800 photos we took in Australia that I should really comb through to share the best of with you, that I never really had time to upload while I was

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